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Latest Updated July 5th, 2022

Our office is located in the Downtown Littleton Historic District, just steps from the Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station.

Our Colorado production studio is also located in Littleton, just 10 minutes walking time from the Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station. This building in currently closed to visitors.

Our new (renewed) Florida production studio is located in Clearwater just 5 minutes driving time from the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, a 3 minute walk from the PTSA Route 59 stop at 34th Street North or 12 minutes from the PTSA Complex on 34th Street North.

For office and studio jobs we hire based on skills, talent and expected productivity. We do not care if a person is a high school drop out or Ivy School graduate, short or tall, skinny or fat, white or brown or black, or has purple hair and pink fangs, as long as they show up on time and get the job done in a top quality manner.

All positions within our company require persons that are comfortable around female glamour models (swimwear, lingerie and some nudity) and working with photo & video content featuring female glamour models.

Littleton, Colorado. USA

The open up / now shut back down / now reopen / now you must be closed and seriously unstable Covid-19 related policies across Colorado have inspired us to move all future production plans to Florida where we are reopening the studio facility we closed a few years back. We do not expect to have any positions open in Colorado during 2022.

Office Jobs - Littleton
  • In Littleton we do not currently have any office positions available.

Studio Jobs - Littleton
  • In Littleton we do not currently have any studio positions available.

Clearwater, Florida. USA

Our new (renewed) Florida office / studio is being remodeled and expanded. We are searching for creative, honest, fun locals for the following positions. Interested persons please use the form below to send along your basic information.

Office Jobs - Clearwater
  • In Clearwater we do not currently have any office positions available.

Studio Jobs - Clearwater
  • Studio / Model Assistant. This job is considered full time at 36-40 hours a week but please take note that our studio work days are Thursday through Sunday to match our production needs.

    This job includes managing our outfit, shoe and accessory inventory, and preparing same for production days. This person handles every step of the process from buying outfits, unpacking and sorting, then working with our photographer, or visiting creators, to select outfits to match shoot themes, and on shoot days working with the models to insure those garments look best.

    This position is limited to female applicants as the job requires being in and out of the dressing room dozens of times each production day where female models are dressing / undressing.

  • Aspiring Photographer & Make-up Artist paid intern spots. Our goal is to have new, tech friendly, young people working with us that may eventually grow into full-time employees, collaborators or partners. If you are a high school or college age person interested in glamour photography / videography, or the make-up and hair styling that goes with it, we may have an opportunity for you. The paid intern style positions are explained in more detail here and you should submit your information there.

Modeling Gigs

Interested females that look great in modern swimwear styles should visit the project's own website for more information.

Send your information

Persons that are not models, but are interested in jobs or gigs listed above, are encouraged to complete the form below. We'll reply by email as soon as possible if you fit our current needs or something comes open that fits your information.