Group Five Photosports, LLC.

Updated: 6-10-2023

Jobs & Gigs

Our Colorado office is located in the Downtown Littleton Historic District, just steps from the Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station.

Our Colorado production studio is also located in Littleton. This building in currently closed to visitors.

Our renewed Florida office / production studio is located in Clearwater just 5 minutes driving time from the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport, a 3 minute walk from the PTSA Route 59 stop at 34th Street North or 12 minutes from the PTSA Complex on 34th Street North.

For office and studio jobs we hire based on skills, talent and expected productivity. We do not care if a person is a high school drop out or Ivy School graduate, short or tall, skinny or fat, white or brown or black or has purple hair and pink fangs, as long as they show up on time and get the job done in a top quality manner.

We maintain a politics free work space. We ask team members to keep controversial political and cultural subjects off-site so all persons of all lifestyles are welcome on-site.

We no longer offer work from home or remote work opportunities.

All positions within our company require persons that are comfortable around female glamour models (swimwear, lingerie and some nudity) and working with photo & video content featuring female glamour models.

Littleton, Colorado. USA

2020 Covid policies, including "Shut down - not even one person can work alone in the 4000 SQ FT building", followed by "Now you can open but must have masks on the models as you photograph them", followed shortly later by "Now you must shut back down", followed yet again weeks later by "Now you can open with limited staff spaced apart and behind plastic with a mask on" turned out to be seriously unstable and inconsistent.

By year end 2020 this instability inspired a returned to Florida where we have reopened, remodeled and expanded the office / production facility we closed in 2010. We do not expect to have any positions open in Colorado in the near future.

Office Jobs - Littleton

  • In Littleton we do not currently have any office positions available.

Studio Jobs - Littleton

  • In Littleton we do not currently have any studio positions available.

Clearwater, Florida. USA

At the renewed Florida facility we are searching for creative, honest, fun locals for the following positions. Interested persons please use the form below to send along your basic information.

Office Jobs - Clearwater

  • PHP Coding with Laravel Framework - We are searching for a in-house developer to build, update and maintain websites and web applications. In this role you will help design and create projects using PHP, Javascript and Bootstrap to assist us in delivering high-quality web services and tools for ourselves and our clients.

    Starting pay $40.00 - $48.00 hourly based on experience. Flexible 4 x 9 scheduling is available. Please send links to previous work examples within the form below.

  • Website Moderation, Social Media & Research - Two positions are open for persons to work in-house helping moderate and manage websites, as well as manage social media profiles for ourselves and clients. This position also involves researching unauthorized file sharing for ourselves and our clients.

    This "Office Job" should be considered a flexible duties position. It is very common for a crew member that moderates manages social media profiles, to job out into the studio with an phone or camera to capture behind the scenes content to post back on the profiles they manage.

    Starting pay $20.00 hourly. Flexible 4 x 9 scheduling is available.

Studio Jobs - Clearwater

  • Cam Operator / Producer / Editor - This is a general audio & video production position where a single person helps plan, execute and edit video productions ("model shoots"), live streaming events and later a talk show style podcast. Experience with DaVinci Resolve (Linux) or Final Cut (Mac), Open Broadcast (OBS), AWS Media Encoder and/or Wowza is preferred.

    Our studio primarily uses Sony products for video capture.

    Starting pay $25.00 - $30.00 hourly based on experience. 4 x 9 scheduling Thursday-Sunday, but many projects require longer hours and/or travel to remote locations. Please send links to previous work examples within the form below.

Modeling Gigs

Interested females that look great in modern swimwear styles should visit the project's own website for more information. Or, feel free to send a message from the Contact Us page with your name, age and contact information so we can reply with the most up to date links.

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Persons that are not models, but are interested in jobs or gigs listed above, are encouraged to complete the form below. We'll reply by email as soon as possible if you fit our current needs or something comes open that fits your information.