Modeling Work

Group Five Photosports is a photo & video production company based in Littleton, Colorado, USA. We specialize in the production of websites, Blu-ray video and live events featuring female glamour, swimwear and lingerie models.

We always pay models for their time, talent and beauty. Our projects are open to female models up to age 22, but none of our productions allow us to hire models with tattoos or breast implants.

Because our websites and events promote uniqueness as we compete in the market for subscribers and customers it is an advantage for us to feature girls that are not also modeling for our competitors. We do not hire professional models that are also appearing on other websites.

Our current glamour style productions and publishing is divided into two projects. The first is a new project for any females up to age 22 that look awesome in modern swimwear styles and the second is Soft-Nude and usually features models ages 18-22. Interested females that look great in modern swimwear styles should review the basic information for each project below, then click over to the appropriate website for further details, samples, behind the scenes videos and to apply online.

Bikini Models

Update 8-30-19

All models for the first season of the TrueBikini project described below have been selected and production starts in September. Planning and model scouting for season two will start in January 2020, with production set to start in March 2020. Interested prospective models are encouraged to visit the TrueBikini website now to review the project and get their information submitted in advance!

Production will begin in fall 2019 on a new photo and video project titled TrueBikini. It features a website, a streaming application (for fans) and a photo application similar to Instagram where prospective models can upload bikini photos to be voted on by fans, and win the opportunity to participate in one or more of our pro-level photo shoots on a fun location. Think of it as a bit like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, but with girls from all across the USA having a chance to be in front of the camera as a paid professional model.

Bikini Model Samples

Teen Glamour model Modeling for Teenagers Cute Teen Girl Modeling Glamour Modeling At Age 14
Teen Glamour model Modeling for Teenagers Cute Teen Girl Modeling Glamour Modeling At Age 14

Soft-Nude Models

Our popular website TrueBabes was established in 2004 and we've been publishing Soft-Nude (Playboy style) photos & videos there over 15 years. The business of websites featuring nude females is very competitive. To be unique and separate our site from many of the others we market our site as "Sexy Natural College Girls". While the new models do not need to be in college, we do insist that they be in the 18-22 age range, be free of tattoos and have natural breasts so they can be photographed within that natural college girl theme.

We do not hire girls that have been featured on the nudity or adult websites we compete with. Our specialty is working with girls that haven't posed in lingerie or nude for other companies.

Soft-Nude models on our projects are paid $200 per hour.

Our search for natural college age girls to participate in our Soft-Nude projects is conducted under the brand name TrueBabesModels and females, ages 18 to 22, that are interested in more details should visit the TrueBabesModels website to review sample photos, read all the details and see behind the scenes videos.

Soft-Nude Samples

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