Group Five Photosports Website Protection Info

The security software on a website owned or managd by Group Five Photosports has sent you to this page due to a violation of our standard Terms of Service. The most common reasons for this are listed below.

1- We do not allow bandwidth hogging site rippers. The speed and enjoyment of our sites is enhanced by managing the number of connections accessing it at any one time. If a subscriber uses a site ripping program that makes dozens or even hundreds of simultaneous connections to the site it becomes slow and less enjoyable for the subscribers that pay for equal access.

Simply put you can't hog the entire site to yourself in such a rude manner. We can't allow one egotistical member to ruin the site for all the others that pay the same amount.

2- You may have been permanently banned from our publications for being a common jerk. This is done to all surfers that join, then later lie to their bank and claim they never made that charge. Or, those that buy from the online stores, then later lie to their bank and claim they never ordered anything.

3- We also ban people that are simply intent on being a pain in the ass. Yes, it's true - there are a certain number of surfers that think that just because they spend a few dollars to join a site they have some sort of right to be super rude to the owners or models. They send emails calling staff or models rude names, or they make threats. General cussing and rudeness just plain isn't welcome at our company. We have plenty of normal customers and it will not hurt us at all to dump a few assholes off our customer lists.

4- We permanently ban persons that we find sharing or trading username / password pairs. Thankfully technology has solutions that we fully implement. When a person logs in we know not only what username it is, but the IP address, the operating system they use (Windows or MAC), the browser they use and who their ISP is.

The security system tracks all that stuff. We allow two different systems within 60 minutes. If a customer enters the website from school or work and again 45 minutes later from home, he is not violating the security system. But, if there is a third log-in within that 60 minutes it's obvious that they are sharing the password.

It's an old trick and no lies that they come up with work here. We've heard all the bullshit stories about triple micr-rotating proxy servers, owning 18 computers with each on their own network, or claming to own a jet and being in hotels within three countries within 60 minutes while viewing the site works here. It's all just a bunch of crap. The security systems are super sophisticated. There is no excuse for a password to be used from three different computers within 60 minutes when all three are on different IPs. (three computers within a home network would show the same IP address assigned to the home router).

When a user is suspended they can email and have their username restored with a new password after 5 days. However, if we find that same customer sharing his username yet again he will be banned and the security software will send him here.

5- We permanently ban persons that we find violating our Copyrights. The content of our websites are intended for personal, noncommercial use only. All materials protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and are owned or controlled by Group Five Photosports, LLC.

Subscribers to our publications are welcome to copy images to their own computers for offline viewing and we provide ZIP files for that purpose. However, the images are not to be posted on personal sites, business sites, Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, Clubs or Usenet Newsgroups without written permission.

This is a for profit business. Surfers that trade, share or post photo series or videos are nothing more than common thieves. They are violating the law. They can also force us out of business. If they, like the password sharing fools mentioned above, allow too many people to access our work for free we simply don't have enough subscribers to pay the bills, hire new models and grow the business.

The bottom line is that we treat Copyright violators like the common pond scum thieves they are and will do all we can to make them pay.

If you have any other questions please send a message using the form on this page.