Group Five Photosports

Updated: 2024-04-05

Copyright Information

Group Five Photosports, LLC and Managing General Partner James S. Grady hold more than 13,000 registered United States Copyrights and six United States Trademarks.

Below are scans of six such United States Copyright Office certificates as examples.

Interested parties can review additional samples at the United States Copyright Office by clicking this link and typing our manager's name "Grady, James S" in the first search box, highlighting the "Name" option and clicking "Begin Search".

Unfortunately, we're often forced to sue copyright violators. We have never lost a case and the average award per violation is above $30.000. One such Federal Judgment for $3,750,000 can be viewed here (PDF).

We offer rewards up to $1000.00 to those that help us find Copyright violators. If you work at a hosting company, CloudFlare or moderate a piracy forum and wish to discuss that finder's fee, or have any other questions, please contact us using the form on this page.