Group Five Photosports

Updated: 2024-05-20

About Us

Group Five Photosports is a privately held commercial photo / video production & distribution company based in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado. We specialize in creating content websites, video products and producing streaming events featuring female glamour, swimwear and lingerie models from all across the USA. If you have additional questions please visit the Contact Us page.

History & Ownership

The company was first established as a limited partnership (LTD) in November of 1983 to produce and market sports photography. It was a Group of Five photographers shooting Photos of Sports. The company began with retail photography at high school sporting events and local race tracks.

Within the first few years the company began working with female models, usually in swimwear next to custom cars or motorcycles for magazines, calendars and posters. By 1989 two of the original five partners had left for other pursuits and products featuring female models became the company's sole focus.

In 2002 original partner James S. Grady, along with Colorado attorney Kent Krausman, acquired all outstanding shares from the remaining partners and converted the business to a Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC). Kent Krausman passed away in 2003 and the Nevada company was converted to a Colorado Limited Liability Company in 2011.

James S. Grady of Clearwater, Florida is the Managing General Partner of Group Five Photosports, LLC and all related entities.

Interested parties can review our standing with the State of Colorado by typing "Group Five Photosports" in the first box and clicking "Search" at this link.

Brands, Copyrights, Trademarks & Domains

We currently manage a portfolio of 146 domain names, representing 16 distinct brands and 12 trademarks.

Photographers & videographers within our company control and license more than 13,000 photographs, videos or movies registered at the United States Copyright Office and on file at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Interested parties can review a sample of those Copyright Registrations at the United States Copyright Office by typing managing partner's name "Grady, James S" in the first search box, highlighting the "Name" option and clicking "Begin Search" at this link.

A sampling of our Brands, Trademarks and Domains include Jimmy Stephans™, TrueModels™, TrueTeenBabes™, TrueBabes™, TrueBikini™ and Fanzoona™.

Further information about our stance on Copyrights and violators is available on the Copyrights page here.

Current, Development and Closed Projects

We consistently have both online & offline projects that are active, under development or we have invested in. A sampling of those projects is displayed below. is a fan supported content platform providing Instagram Models, Cosplayers, TikTokers and other creators a fun place to distribute non-nude content in a safe and secure manner. Some compare it to Instagram but on the Fanzoona platform those posting the creative visuals also make the money.

TrueModels Network, is a fan club website hosting platform for popular Instagram models. The non-nude models/creators, or their friends & helpers, design and update the original site, while our crew handles customer service, security, and behind the scenes tech issues. provides private content protection, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and lawsuit evidence collection services to subscription websites, independent producers and photographers located in the United States of America. provides transactional and promotional Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email delivery services to our websites, partner websites in the same market segment, and those that wish to advertise to a proven customer base via our newsletters. / Colorado Our Littleton facility sits 5 minutes from the Littleton / Downtown RTD Lightrail Station. Production space totals 3200 SQ FT including a 32' x 40' production floor with a one-wall cyc and additional smaller shoot areas. The studio features 16' grid height, a full dressing room and a private restroom.

The building is available as a rental to established professionals only. No porn or parties. Interested creatives should reach out to Jimmy at 303-474-4449.

Update 2024-06-10:  Not available June 12, 2024 deep into the summer months as we remodel and expand to 4800 SQ FT. / Florida Our Florida production facility sits 5 minutes from the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Production space totals 6000 SQ FT with three 36' x 48' production floors. Each area features 18' grid height, a full dressing room and 2 private restrooms. One unit includes a 36' wide cyclorama

The building is available as a rental to established professionals only. No porn or parties. Interested creatives should reach out to Jimmy at 303-474-4449.

Update 2024-05-01:  Not available May 24, 2024 to December 31, 2024 while the entire facility is booked to an outside TV production company., opening in 2004, was our second subscription website. It featured 180 college age models (18-24) in glamour style photos and videos. The site displayed our own photography and also published content from professionals across the USA.

With hundreds of websites in this very competitive market it never became popular. We stopped publishing new content in 2015. It remains online as a non-updating archive. was created by a high school girl working here. It was planned as our own version of the Swimsuit Issue but featuring only models in her age range.

It opened in July 2001 and over a great 12 year run featured 200 teenage models from across the USA. There is a more detailed history here for curious persons, and it remains online as an archive for model fans that missed the original publication. / In Development was to be a reality style video project. The 2020 Covid-19 Virus emergency placed this project on hold after taping minimal footage. The theme featured friends and parents recruiting unsuspecting girls whom we quickly transform into daring bikini models even if they happen to be the most shy girl in town. Basic reality TV style transformation theme.

We have no plans at this time to restart this project. / In Development is designed to be a podcast series about models, where they interview each other about their modeling, personal lives, men, social pressures and more.

We expect serious development of this concept to take place in summer 2024.