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Latest Updated April 10th, 2019

Our office is located in the Downtown Littleton Historic District, just steps from quality places to eat, drink and relax after work, such as The Tavern Littleton, The Viewhouse, The Melting Pot, Jake's Brew Bar, McKinner's Pizza, and others.

The Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station is a 5 minute walk away.

Our production studio is also located in Littleton, just 2 minutes by car or 10 minutes walking from the Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station.

All positions within our company require persons that are comfortable around female glamour models (swimwear, lingerie and some nudity) and/or working with photo and video content produced with female glamour models.

Server & Website Tech Jobs

Design and development persons experienced with PHP, Javascript and Bootstrap, as well as techs experienced with Linux (CentOS 7), Nginx, Redis, WebRTC, Nimble Streamer and/or Kurento server are encouraged to visit this page.

Remote & Temp Help

For our new TrueBikini project we need a person or two to work remotely helping with social media and model scouting. The project is about females that have never thought of modeling previously, leaving us unable to rely on our local agency and photographer friends for new talent. Most TrueBikini models need to be raw recruits from social media and online advertisements to fit the theme.

Additional tasks would include normal social media management, such as posting images, Tweeting, replying to DMs, moderating comment sections and promoting upcoming live events.

The person in this position would be able to work remotely using a laptop and cell phone we provide. Living near Denver, Tampa or Las Vegas can be an advantage due to our scheduled events there, but is not required.

Persons interested in the recruiting and social media tasks around the TrueBikini project are encouraged to complete the form below. We'll reply by email as soon as possible.

Modeling Gigs

Interested females that look great in modern swimwear styles should visit the Models Wanted page for more information and links to our projects.

Crew Gigs

Some of our production events require extra helpers on a temporary basis. These short term gigs range from basic labor, to painting, to make-up and hair styling, to camera or lighting techs. Most projects are in the Denver metropolitan area, but 2019 will also see us working in the Tampa, Miami, Las Vegas and Phoenix areas.

Persons interested in being on our list of local area freelance helpers should complete the form below and be sure to include a note about your previous work on photo or video shoots.

Video Editing

We currently employ both Mac OS/Final Cut 10 and Windows 10/Magix Vegas editing and grading systems.

New production is 4K XAVC-S source from Sony cams. After editing it is rendered as h.264 or h.265 at 720p, 1080p and 2160p, along with fMP4 for HLS up to 2160p.

This position includes sorting and archiving of raw footage; editing of the materials for the final publication; editing of promotional materials (clips 30-60 seconds long); encoding of the materials; uploading to servers; preparing players and links for affiliates and just about anything else that happens after the raw recording is complete.

This position starts at $28.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Office & Studio Jobs

In Littleton we do not have any additional positions available at this time. We plan to open our studio as rental production space in summer 2019 and expect to have 2 full-time jobs open at that time. Please check back in the spring or feel free to submit your name, email address, skills and related experience using the form below. When the positions come open we may be in touch.

Persons interested in jobs that may come open soon are encouraged to complete the form below. We'll reply by email as soon as possible if something comes open that fits your information.






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