Group Five Photosports, LLC.

Employment Opportunities

Latest Updated March 15th, 2018

The jobs described below, with the exception of models, will become available May 10th, 2018. These full time (36-40 hours a week) positions will be filled as soon as the best applicants are selected. We are unable to hold positions for those moving to Colorado from outside the area. Please read the descriptions below for additional details.

These positions require persons that are comfortable around female glamour models (swimwear, lingerie and some nudity).

Our office is located in the Downtown Littleton Historic District, just steps from a dozen quality places to eat, drink and relax after work, such as The Tavern Littleton, Merle's, The Melting Pot, Jake's Brew Bar, McKinner's Pizza, and more.

The Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station is a 5 minute walk away.

Our production studio is also located in Littleton, just 2 minutes by car or 15 minutes walking from the Littleton-Downtown Light Rail Station.

Talent Positions

Outside freelancers are hired on an as needed basis. Bringing in a freelancer to help direct a project or perform music for a project is extremely rare. When the need does arise we post it here.

Modeling / Acting

All our projects call for female models up to age 22. None of our current projects allow us to hire models with tattoos or breast implants.

Interested females that look great in modern fashion and swimwear styles should complete the form below and send links to social media or modeling websites where we can see your pictures. We'll get back in touch by email if we're interested in setting an interview time.

Directers, Videographers and Music Artists.

We do not have any projects at this time in which we would need to contract outside help. Please check back.

If you are an aspiring producer, director or story teller (writer), and have an idea you feel we would be interested in, please send a message using the form on this page. Note that we only deal in projects that include attractive females models / actors.

Colorado Office Positions

These are 36-40 hour a week positions. We have no retail walk in visitors or regular store hours. In most cases we welcome those that wish to work longer days 4 times a week and have 3 consecutive days off, as long as it can be planned around the job requirements.

Social Media / Model Scouting

This position has two distinct tasks.

The first task includes promoting our website(s), events, shows and models through normal social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to current and potential customers. The person in this position also helps run live events that are streamed (model interviews and photo shoots) and creates behind the scenes photos and videos.

The second task is to help scout for new models. Because our websites promote uniqueness as we compete in the market for subscribers it is an advantage for us to feature girls that are not also modeling for our competitors. We do not hire professional models that are also appearing on other websites. To accomplish this we try to find models from other sources - college campuses, nightclubs, social media, concerts, festivals and more. The person in this position would be deeply involved in those model search efforts.

This job is considered full time at 36-40 hours a week but only part of that is behind an office desk. Streamed events are done in the studio or other shoot locations, often on weekends. Distributing cards at a concert and club requires a night at the Denver area concert or club, often on weekends.

This position starts at $16.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Video Editing

We currently employ both Mac OS/Final Cut 10 and Windows 10/Magix Vegas (formerly Sony Vegas) editing and grading systems.

New production is 4K XAVC-S source from Sony FX-1 cams. After editing it is rendered as h.264 at 720p, 1080p and 2160p, along with HLS up to 2160p.

This position includes: Sorting and archiving of raw footage; Editing of the materials for the final publication; editing of promotional materials (clips 30-60 seconds long); encoding of the materials; uploading to servers; preparing players and links for affiliates and just about anything else that happens after the raw recording is complete.

This position starts at $22.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Photo Editing / Retouching

Still photography here is captured using Canon 5D MK-III and Canon 1Dx Cameras in the RAW format.

We use two Windows 10 systems, one for RAW conversion and archiving to external network, and the second for all Photoshop work.

This job includes sorting and archiving of raw files; converting them to an editable format using DxO OpticsPro; doing the required retouch work in Photoshop; archiving finished images; creating JPG files in a variety of sizes for the subscriber area; producing promotional banners and graphics, along with just about everything else that happens with photo materials after they leave the cameras.

This position starts at $22.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Colorado Studio Positions

Both positions listed below require a Colorado Driver's License and clean driving record.

Both positions feature full time hours, but please take note that the studio work days are Thursday through Sunday to match our production needs. Most models are in college or have jobs that leave them available for our shoots only on weekends.

Both positions require the person to travel with us "On Location" twice a year for 8-10 day periods.

Outfit Assistant

This job includes managing our outfit, shoe and accessory inventory, and preparing same for production days. Models working with us do not bring their own garments. We supply everything, dress models to fit the shoot plans, and accessorize as needed. This person handles every step of the process from buying outfits (primarily online), unpacking and sorting, then working with the photographer to select outfits to match shoot themes, and on shoot days working with the models to insure those garments look best on her.

This position is limited to female applicants because the job requires being in and out of the dressing room dozens of times each shoot day.

This position starts at $16.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Studio Assistant

We call this position "Studio Assistant" as compared to the more traditional "Photographer's Assistant" because the job includes more work around the studio building than it does participating in photo or video shoots.

The job includes maintaining and preparing the entire building for shoot days. The building includes over 4000 square feet of production space. There is a 36 foot wide cyc wall (a.k.a. infinity wall), 2-wall 800 square foot area carpeted that we set up as a fake bedroom, dining room, living room or any other area in a home, and a 3-wall 900 square foot area with wooden floor that we set up as a fake bedroom, dining room, living room or any other area in a home. Each of these areas is painted as needed to provide different colors/backgrounds/moods in the shoots. For shoot days we create rooms, move in furniture and props, and other tasks that have zero to do with photo gear.

On shoot days the same person helps with set-ups, more moving of props, and general errands and labor. No work with cameras.

In general this is a labor job best suited to a young male comfortable with everything from painting to packing shipping crates to setting up video lightning.

This position starts at $16.00 per hour. If you are qualified and interested please send your information using the form below.

Persons intersted in the opportunities discussed above should complete the form below. We'll reply by email as soon as possible if we are interested.